The objective of source removal duct cleaning is the removal of all dirt, debris and other contaminants from the ductwork. This is recognised as the only acceptable form of cleaning and decontaminating of air duct systems. The (AM Coil Aust) HEPA-AIRE equipment is designed to enable us to produce this result with the minimal access to the duct system.

A conventional HVAC duct system consists of a supply system of ducts to carry heated or cooled air from the furnace/air conditioner (air handler) to various parts of the home or building, and a return duct system to bring fresh air back to the air handler to be heated or cooled again. The supply network consists of a main duct which carries air to smaller branch runs which carry air to the desired locations. The return network works in reverse.

The HEPA-AIRE method utilises a HEPA-AIRE portable power vac in tandem with the VIPER Clean Sweep system and a specially designed AIRE-SWEEP portable air compressor for efficient state-of-the-art source removal duct cleaning. This method enables professional duct cleaners to remove contaminants from all parts of the duct system, regardless of location. Yet it is simple to perform and requires only a limited amount of access holes. It works as follows:

1. The supply and return networks are “zoned”, or separated, so they can be cleaned separately. This is typically done by removing the filters, inserting them into a plastic bag and reinserting the filters into the unit.

2. An access hole is cut into the supply plenium or ductwork and the flex duct from the HEPA-AIRE inlet is connected to the plenium with a quick-connect attachment collar. The HEPA-AIRE vac is then turned on to create airflow within the supply ductwork.

3. Each branch is cleaned separately starting with the branch furthest from the handler. The register and boot area are air blasted with compressed air from the AIRE-SWEEP compressor using the special air booster gun. This pushes any dirt or debris into the branch run.

4. The branches can be cleaned by running the forward AIRE-SWEEP assembly in conjunction with the VIPER Clean Sweep system down each run to push dirt and debris forward into the main run.

5. The main run is then cleaned using the forward AIRE-SWEEP assembly to dislodge debris accumulated in the duct. It also pushes the loosened debris forward toward the HEPA-AIRE portable power vac, to be captured in its multi-stage filtration/collection system. One access hole every 25 feet is all that is needed to use the AIRE-SWEEP system and the VIPER Clean Sweep System.