Your filters work really hard and their performance depends on regular cleaning. AMCoil provides an exchange service where our Service Technicians will call at your premises and safely and cleanly remove your dirty filters and replace them with a clean set of exactly the same size. Our Technicians are equipped with the latest equipment for changing filters and ensuring they are correctly inserted into the canopy so that they work as designed.

Our goal is to complete the exchange with as little impact on your business as possible. For this reason our team starts very early, typically around 3am and complete the service in a seamless manner that makes you believe they have not even been there. To achieve this many of our customers provide us with keys and security codes so our Tech’s can be in and out well before your cooking staff start work for the day.

Many customers also purchase their own set of exchange filters which are kept at the AMCoil office. These filters are engraved with the customer name and are held for exclusive use by that customer. In this way customers always receive the exact same quality of filters which provides a consistent look to the kitchen canopy area.

AMCoil filter exchange service pricing is so competitive some customers find it hard to believe.

Call AMCoil now (Sydney 02 4774 1966 or Brisbane 07 3285 7098) and see just how inexpensive this service can be.