The cooking exhaust system includes a canopy located just above the cooking ranges. The canopy has filter housings that hold the filters which retain the grease and deposits. At the base of the canopy are the retaining trays where the fat and grease that builds up on the surfaces of the canopy runs into. At the top of the canopy is an extraction system made up of a fan in a fan housing that draws the air up from below, through the system and out through the point of expulsion.

Whilst the filters are being regularly exchanged the canopy gradually builds up a holding of fat and grease and this needs to be cleaned on a regular basis. Depending on the type of cooking a clean may be required as often as weekly however others may not need a clean for 12 weeks.

A canopy clean calls for the removal of all filters so that the Technicians can get into the filter housings and the retaining trays. Here they scrape and wipe away all of the build up. Attention is then turned to the main body of the canopy both inside and out where again the build up is removed. Stainless steel canopies are washed in a special formulae and then spayed with a polishing compound and buffed to a high shiny finish.

The filters are then returned to the canopy