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    At AM Coil, we provide our customers with full photographic reports and certification in line with Australian Standard 1851-2012.

    Cooking Exhaust System Maintenance Requirements and Reporting

    The cooking exhaust system is probably one of the most ignored appliances in the kitchen. Whilst looking around a kitchen it is rare for anyone who is not involved in either installation or maintenance of the system to really make the checks they should. The cooking exhaust system includes a canopy located just above the cooking ranges. The canopy has filter housings that hold the filters which retain the grease and deposits. At the base of the canopy are the retaining trays where the fat and grease that builds up on the surfaces of the canopy runs into. At the top of the canopy is an extraction system made up of a fan in a fan housing that draws the air up from below, through the system and out through the point of expulsion.

    To disregard this system underestimates its importance and the role it plays in reducing smoke and odour and most importantly the risk of fire. AM Coil provides a service to clean and exchange filters, clean the canopies and complete a full system clean including all accessible duct work and the fan which is typically roof mounted. AM Coil is able to provide job completion reports which are often requirements for insurance providers and landlords.

    The Air Conditioning System

    In the modern day working environment, as we know it, we all take for granted that we work and live in a controlled atmosphere. Whether it is in an office, hospital, leisure centre, or simply shopping in a mall, all these areas have a controlled atmosphere. By a controlled atmosphere, it is meant that the air in a building is regulated for its quality and temperature, ensuring an optimum temperature for human comfort. Along with the controlling of the air comes the problem involved with ensuring the check of air-borne organisms.

    We stick by our promise to make sure your job is completed correctly!